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We love technology but not as much as people

Founded in 2006, Border Crossing Media specialises in user experience. Our services help companies, large and small, harness new opportunities and solve challenging business problems.

Our beliefs

We’ve worked with some amazing people who share the following beliefs:

  •  To succeed online you need to put people first
  •  Assumptions should always be tested
  •  Data can help you make informed decisions
  •  Do rather than debate
  •  Clear communication is key to a good relationship
  •  You can always improve.

Over the years we’ve learnt that our team’s relentless commitment to these beliefs truly differentiates us.

What are we like to work with?


We find answers to the questions that matter.


We continuously test our hypotheses.


We enjoy the challenge of doing more with less.


We build consensus through respect, empathy and honest feedback.


We’ll challenge your assumptions to deliver the outcomes that matter most.


We love making things as simple as possible for the people who will use them.

The team

I founded the company in 2006, because I believe that user centred design and continuous improvement are the most sensible approaches to take when trying to build something new or do something better. I’m constantly amazed at technology; how the way we use it, can change the way we do and experience things.

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I design and manage all of our research and data analysis projects. Following my degree in Astrophysics I applied my statistical and analytical skills to forge my career in Customer Insight, Research and User Experience Design for large corporations, before joining Border Crossing Media in 2009.

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I started my career in I.T. in 1999 and have since then have fulfilled a wide range of roles including Lead Designer, Lead Developer, and Program Manager in both a client and agency side capacity. My role at Border Crossing Media is to ensure that all development work is implemented correctly and on schedule.

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I’m an award-winning digital producer, filmmaker and certified multimedia instructor who has over 15 years experience across the creative industries. At Border Crossing Media I’m responsible for staying abreast of the latest online video and cross-channel experiential marketing projects.

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